Foyf's Shack


Sodding cripes Foyf! What be goin' on? --it's hilarious you should ask. We all thought the Shack was yesteryear's footnote; a victim of Lycos' indecisiveness. "Are we Lycos? are we Angelfire? are we Tripod? No, we're Multi-mania". When the 7th incarnation of the legendary Shack seemed to have dissolved into the archives of forgotten data, the board of directors here at Foyf's Shack decided we had other trees to bark up. We'd already jizzed into the yoghurt pot of actual domains, managing real websites that people actually visited; we had no business dealing with these council flat websites any more. We were on the property ladder. No sooner had we turned our backs it seems Lycos-Tripod-Hotbot-Angelfire had another tsunami, seemingly taking all its free sites along with it. What had once been the glorious Shack was replaced with a "work in progress" page. I thought maybe Lycos had gone off to write their own stuff for Foyf's Shack, possibly introducing a broader approach, with more refined ideals. It turns out they'd just moved the account to a different host and expected me to re-upload it. Well I didn't. I just sulked because I thought I had been dry-buggered by another crappy free host. Flash forward 8 years and Crust is digging around the archives of the internet using time travel technology, only to find himself at the site that once was, peaking back at my legendary Celebrity Death Predictions for 2004. It turns out I didn't get a single one right, but it got me thinking about a Foyf's Shack reunion. The Stone Roses did it, so did Cast. Thoughts become actions sometimes, this is one of those times. Welcome to Foyf's Shack 8.0

This is under construction. Some of these pages are new, others are being re-written.

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